Michael Jackson’s family still wants his money and changes in his will. They won’t respect the former King of Pop’s decisions to keep them all out of the role of executor.

This week, Katherine Jackson has filed to be made “Guardian of the Estate,” a role she was not assigned in the will and probably won’t get.

The estate’s executors say they’ve tried to be open with Mrs. Jackson about various elements of the estate. One of these is the contract Michael signed with AEG Live. Originally, the Jackson family claimed that Michael didn’t know what he was signing, that he didn’t know he was supposed to perform 50 concerts. The suggestion was that AEG had somehow duped him.

Alas: according to the executors, they’ve agreed to show Mrs. Jackson the contract as long as the terms remain confidential. This is per AEG, which doesn’t need its terms available for perusing by rivals like Live Nation.

The Jacksons apparently want the whole thing kicked open, perhaps hopeful that something in there will give them a shot at a’civil case against AEG. They will be disappointed. Michael knew the terms of the AEG contract from Day 1, as they say.’And 50 shows spaced over seven or eight months is minor compared to’most rock tours ‘ especially since they were all in the same place.

Consider this: the Rolling Stones, all between 15 and 20 years older than Michael Jackson, are on the road most of the year. They may be performing somewhere now’and we don’t know it!’Last year, Tina Turner, also a generation older, did a world tour in which she danced and sang like she was 20.

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