heigl katherine 200x300 Katherine Heigl: Ugly Truth About Greys

Has Katherine Heigl made a terrible mistake?

The hot star ‘ a sort of Jennifer Aniston in training ‘ finished the weekend with $30 million in the till for her comedy, “The Ugly Truth.”

The Robert Luketic comedy is on track for a nice $60 million-plus finish and a good afterlife on DVD and cable.

So what’s Heigl doing staying on “Grey’s Anatomy”? All year she kind of promised that her character Izzie was a goner. She had some kind of brain tumor and a romance with a dead guy who was just a hallucination.

But then Heigl and “Grey’s” announced she was coming back. That Izzie isn’t was, but an Is.

Isn’t this the point when George Clooney got off “ER”? Wouldn’t Ellen Pompeo like a chance to be the star of her own show?

Maybe after some disappointments like “27 Dresses” Heigl got nervous about crossing over to film and decided to retreat. She may have thought “Knocked Up” was a fluke. But after “Ugly Truth’s” first weekend, it sure looks like she’s got some kind of career in big screen romantic comedies ‘ and maybe even more.

On the other hand, maybe she knows something we don’t: her next film won’t come out until June 2010. It’s called “Five Killers” and even though it’s a Luketic film, her co-stars are Ashton Kutcher and Tom Selleck.

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