The plea last week by Katherine Jackson for money from Michael’s estate has raised a lot of new questions.

Over the years, Katherine’who says she’s totally dependent on Michael’s money other than Social Security payments’had made do very nicely.

In fact, I’m told an open accounting of her finances will show that she’s also been dependent on daughter Janet to maintain her Hayvenhurst household. A couple of years ago, Janet literally saved her mother and the various occupants of Hayvenhurst from foreclosure by getting her mortgage payments up to date. Michael’s cash had run out, he was out of the country, and a group that had bought the mortgage wanted their money.

Katherine could not sing to Janet, “What have you done for me lately?”

Either way, Michael’s executors are sure to set up an allowance for Katherine’s household as it pertains to herself and Michael’s children as early as this coming week. It’s not like they’re going hungry.

More likely, sources say, the big push to get cash out of the estate is probably coming from Joseph Jackson. Jackson Senior has grieved like few other fathers, cavorting all over the U.S., taking publicity bows from Indiana to New Jersey, and more or less living it up in the aftermath of Michael’s death. Almost no one in the history of mourning has signed as many autographs or taken as many fan photos as Joseph Jackson.

The real trick for Michael’s executors, frankly, will be keeping whatever money they do allot for Katherine and the kids out of Jackson Senior’s hands.

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