clarkson lana 150x150 Phil Spector Civil Trial Could Make Victims Family Multi Millionaires

Lana Clarkson

In case you wondered: the family of Lana Clarkson has a civil suit against record producing genius Phil Spector, who was convicted of second degree murder earlier this year.

The Clarksons would probably like their daughter back. Since that isn’t possible, they are now on the path of Spector’s millions. He should be worth between $50-$100 million by every estimation. Think of it: Spector rakes in money from hundreds of hits not to mention “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling,” the biggest pop song in history. In many cases he splits the royalties with other writers — he produced the records and took a cut — but still: 173 titles are in his name on the BMI website.

Add into that his real estate and other holdings. As one insider put it, “OJ Simpson was nailed for $30 million, and Robert Blake just about the same. And they weren’t found guilty.”

Indeed, proving Spector was responsible for Clarkson’s death in a civil case should be easy. It seems like a slam dunk.

Many people, by the way, wonder what Spector was up to before he went to jail. I am told that he may have produced tracks for his new wife, Rachelle Short, who recently turned 29. (Spector is 70.) Rachelle has started her own website and is casting around for things to do while Phil spends the rest of his days teaching the inmates how to recreate the Wall of Sound.

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