picture 34 Katherine Jacksons Own Words: Her Rocky MarriageAs a family court date for the Jackson family looms on August 3rd, here’s something to chew on: the words of Katherine Jackson about her rocky marriage and near divorce.

We know that Katherine Jackson twice filed for divorce from Joseph Jackson, in 1973 and and 1979. Each time she pulled back the papers. He even fathered a daughter, Joh’Vonnie, from an outside relationship.

Katherine published an autobiography called “My Family, the Jacksons,” co-written with Richard Wiseman, in 1990, from St. Martins Press. Here’s an excerpt:

“I didn’t believe it right up until I got a call from a friend in 1974, informing me that Joe was having an affair.

“I knew the girl in question…Originally she had been interested in Jackie…I was devastated…I didn’t think I could forgive him for what he’d done. I remained in this muddled state for longer than I’d care to admit: seven years. During this period, I heard rumors of other affairs. But I still couldn’t bring myself to file for divorce., even though a couple of times I came close…In 1981, I finally did file for divorce. But to my amazement, Joe wouldn’t move out.

“My attorney told me I could get a restraining order against Joe, and if he still refused to leave the house, have the police forcibly remove him.”

Ultimately Katherine Jackson feared bad press’”they would jump all over it”’so she let Joe Jackson stay in the house and decided to try and forgive him. She withdrew these divorce papers as well.

In the book, she did include a quote from eldest daughter, Rebbie, who left home at 18 and married rather than stick around and live through the dysfunction in the Jackson household.

Rebbie says: “What my father did got to me. There were times when I couldn’t stand being in his company, because I’d start thinking about his affair…I encouraged her to leave him. I knew that he was damaging her spirit, that she couldn’t possibly have peace of mind.”

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