We told you in this space exactly one week ago that the Rock and Roll Hall of, er, Shame would be throwing a two day extravaganza in October at Madison Square Garden.

They announced it today. We gave you the list of performers for each day of the shows last week, too. It’s Bruce, U2, Paul Simon, etc.

Tickets go on sale on Monday. Proceeds, according to the Hall, will go to establishing a fund for the Cleveland Museum. But it’s really about Jann Wenner getting to preside over MSG for two days.

The Hall of Fame Foundation already has $14 million in assets, according to its 2008 tax filing. They say the shows will gross $5 million. But the foundation could write a check now with ease.

Did you know that Joel Peresman, who runs the Foundation for Wenner and used to be at the Garden, gets paid $376,823 a year in salary? That’s from non profit, nontaxed money. His job is to pick the nominated inductees every year.

Right after the Garden shows, the Hall of Fame says it will release a 10-DVD set of performances from 20 years of inductee concerts. I hope they have releases from all those performers. The big question is, will all the performers and MUSICIANS who played on those shows be paid a royalty? How about Paul Shaffer, all the band members and vocalists? Or will it all be treated as work for hire?

Meanwhile, rock fans are posting their unhappiness with this plan on the website for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. They’re angry that the shows aren’t in Cleveland, home to the museum. They don’t get it — the Hall of Fame threw them a sop in April with the annual induction show. It was a calculated effort. I actually announced these October shows in my old column last March.

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