The British tabloids are all excited today that Michael Jackson might have another child.

He doesn’t. All they had to do was a web search to find my column from October 2004. The young man in question, Omer Bhatti, didn’t meet Michael until he was 12 years old. But why should that stop speculation?

Omer is the son Riz and Pia Bhatti. In the mid 90s, the Bhattis dressed Omer up to look like Mini-Me Michael and brought him to Jackson’s Tunis hotel. Omer did a little Jacko imitation, and Michael loved it. He took the whole family on tour with him. Later, he moved them all into Neverland. Pia Bhatti was the original nanny for Prince Michael I when he was born in 1997.

The Bhattis have had a long relationship with Michael. Even after the parents returned to native Norway, Omer stuck around Neverland. The police found him there in 2003 when they conducted a surprise raid.

One reason some people think Omer was Michael’s son was because Jackson used to tell them that. Back in 2004 when I wrote the original Omer story, several sources told me Michael had confided in them that this was the case. It was a lie, however. It either reflected Jackson’s desire to have children, or explained why he was keeping the boy at Neverland.

What does Omer do now? Why, he’s a Michael Jackson impersonator, of course. Really, you couldn’t make these stories up. No one would believe it.

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