carey mariah 263x300 Mariah Carey Delays New Album ReleaseAlas, there will be no major Diva Face Off at the next Grammy Awards.

That’s because Mariah Carey has decided that the unusually early August 31st deadline is not giving her enough time finish her new CD properly. “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” was supposed to be released by Island/Def Jam on August 25th. But now Carey has asked the label to give her at least three more weeks. The new date is September 15th, although even that could change.

Carey does have her hat in the ring, though, with the witty and catchy single “Obsessed” already getting lots of airplay. The song is a neat dig at Eminem, who ceaselessly needles Carey in song and and interviews. The “Obsessed” video, directed by Brett Ratner, is also a hit and should only help the single up the charts.

As for that Grammy deadline: we’re going to be celebrating summer music on January 31st. Does it really take that long to organize the year’s recordings into categories and vote on them? It only takes six weeks in the movie world. I’m just askin’…

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