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Michael Jackson’s father, whom he feared and loathed, got to say whatever was on his, er, mind last on “Larry King Live.”

Jackson is bad enough on his own, but he brought along concert promoter Leonard Rowe. Larry did not ask Leonard about losing a lawsuit with singer R. Kelly last year and having to pay him $3.4 million in damages. Rowe also had to pay R&B Grammy award winner Ne-Yo $700,000.

Rowe has a sketchy history at best. In 1998 he launched a lawsuit against the William Morris Agency, CAA and other group claiming racism as the reason he couldn’t promote more concerts. On December 30, 2005 ,after losing the case and appealing it, Rowe was finally crushed by a federal appeals court judge. A year earlier, another judge, finding for the defendants, wrote: “plaintiffs raised no genuine issue of material fact and that no rational trier of fact could find for plaintiffs on any of the myriad of claims made in this action.”

Jackson and Rowe (who is certainly no relation to Debbie Rowe) proved to be a hilarious but sad duo on King’s show. Joe Jackson’s claim that he never abused Michael’after reams of evidence including Michael’s own heartfelt assertions, La Toya’s book, and plenty of eyewitness accounts’demonstrated his inability to reason fact and fiction. Joe Jackson also claimed not to know what’s happened to Michael’s body’still not buried in a final resting place after nearly four weeks.

In this session, in which both Jackson and Rowe may have crossed the line legally with AEG Live and Tohme Tohme, Rowe insisted that he had a signed document from Michael Jackson dated March 25, 2009. According to sources at Jackson’s home’I reported this when it happened’this pair kept pounding on Michael’s door until he let them in. They wouldn’t give up until Michael signed something. Joe Jackson evidently said to Michael, “I’m broke and it’s your fault.”

The timing of this is interesting. It was the same weekend when the pair issued a press release announcing they were now Michael’s managers. (They weren’t.) They also called yours truly to enlist my help in overtaking AEG Live and wresting control of Michael’s money. I declined. I have the phone record to prove they called me one week before all this started, on March 18th, at 3:40pm. We spoke for four minutes. I recorded Joe’s number in my phone. Joe said, “I have Leonard Rowe right here” and started squawking that they were going to take over Michael’s shows. I offered that that was impossible. We didn’t so much hang up as Joe just drifted away.

There’s more about Rowe’s history in the concert business. If he forces the issue, all his past associates are going to come crawling out of the woodwork. In the meantime, my sources do say that it’s Joe and Leonard who are now haranguing Katherine Jackson to get a bigger piece of Michael’s estate. The ugliness goes on unabated.

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