The police investigations into Michael Jackson’s two main doctors’skin doc Dr. Arnold Klein and heart doc Dr. Conrad Murray‘are narrowing. You can feel that something is about to happen. Meanwhile, more Jackson insiders are coming clean about what they saw and heard in Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills mansion in the few weeks leading up to his death.

One such insider, present constantly, disliked both doctors intensely. Dr. Murray, this source says, sent a message one day in the weeks preceding his death: “Keep Michael warm” after Jackson, the source says, “showed up shivering, cold as ice, and confused.”

Was this the result of anesthesia withdrawal? The person now believes it must have been. They say, “Michael was too thin, had an addiction, and had never healed mentally from the trial.’ Yes, of course I saw him interact with others. ‘His state of mind was never stable. ‘He was OCD, and paranoid. ‘His clarity was not consistent.”

But things changed in the last couple of weeks. Jackson, starting around Monday, June 21st, seemed like his old self. “He was the best he had ever been on the last two days,” says my source. What happened? When they inquired, another member of the household replied, “Klein’s outta town,” a reference to Jackson’s infamous dermatologist.

One more thing: ABC News produced pictures yesterday of Jackson’s legs, circa 2002, discolored and full of needle marks. There’s a picture of an injection gone wrong in one of Jackson’s ankles. That is more than likely the IV that broke in December 2002 when Jackson was supposed to testify in a trial. He said he had a spider bite. But my sources said then that there was no spider. It was an accident of self-injection.

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