Jermaine Jackson isn’t going to wait for (a) a month to pass since his brother died or (b) for his brother to be buried before accepting his first new gig.

97126 jackson jermaine 500 300x210 Jermaine Jackson Books First Post Michael GigJermaine has agreed to travel to Austria next week and sing Michael’s favorite song, Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile,” at the inaugural Save the World Awards.

The awards will be presented in a mothballed Austrian nuclear power plant that was built 30 years ago and never used. The show’s producer, George Kindel, tells me that the whole night will be dedicated to Michael Jackson. They’re even flying over musical director Ray Chew to play Michael’s hits, Kindel is busy lining up stars to perform with Chew. So far he has Bryan Adams. He’ll have more names to announce shortly.

For Jermaine, singing “Smile” will be a repeat of what he did at Michael’s memorial service in Los Angeles last week. Michael, however, is still not buried after dying on June 25th.

Kindel tells me that Jermaine will only receive expenses for the trip, but absolutely no fee. “We’ve had a lot of stars come for many awards shows for peace and making the world a better place,” Kindel says. “We don’t have money to pay fees.”

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