Michael Jackson‘visited dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein an average of three times a week in recent months. And he had no evidence of skin cancer, despite public reports.

Jackson, an insider says, was using the skin cancer as a cover story. “There was no evidence of skin cancer,” says my source, who indicated if there was, Klein required just three visits in total.

Meantime, while Klein is doing TV appearances, he remains high on the LAPD’s list of Michael’s doctors who are being questioned. Also on the list is’Dr. Conrad Murray, who was with Jackson when he died.

Possibly also on the list is Dr. Ralph Massey of Santa Monica. When Jackson concocted the story about the skin cancer, Massey’s name came up in news reports as the surgeon Klein was referring him to. Calls to Massey’s office were not returned.

Interestingly, Jackson was photographed leaving Klein’s office on May 16th with a bag labeled “skin cancer.”

Eleven days earlier, on May 5th, an old friend saw him in the office, as I previously reported, where Jackson was practicing dance kicks. Jackson seemed “very fit,” according to Joanne Horowitz, who assumed the singer was there to get a Botox-like injection.

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