jackson paris 150x1501 Paris Katherine Jackson: Shes Debbies Daughter

If you believed for a second last week that Debbie Rowe wasn’t the biological mother of Paris Katherine Jackson, 11, and her brother, Prince Michael, then yesterday’s memorial should have set you straight.

From my vantage point in the audience, you could see that Paris was moving toward the microphone on the stage as other people took their turns speaking. It looked for a moment that Janet Jackson was going to say something, but then Paris saw her opportunity.

She may not have a relationship with Debbie Rowe, but in that second it was clear that she was her daughter. Just as Rowe takes no prisoners with the intrusive paparazzi, Paris could not be stopped. She will be a child who speaks her mind. According to backstage insiders from the Staples, she was very clear about what should be happening at the memorial, too.

A good friend of Michael’s says, sweetly, “Michael knew she was a little actress. She can very dramatic. Michael said, ‘She’ll be an action star.’ “

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