While downtown Los Angeles braces itself for an onslaught of millions at the Staples Center, Beverly Hills is getting ready for the aftermath.

Sources say that following the memorial concert/tribute at Staples, the Jacksons have invited a couple hundred of their nearest and dearest to break bread with them at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel ballroom.

All the main guests from the Staples are expected, from Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy to Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and myraid stars from sports and entertainment. Indeed, the after party at the Beverly Wilshire is shaping up as the event of the season.

The after party could be a more likely venue for names like Diana Ross and Liza Minnelli to put in an appearance and pay their respects to the Jacksons rather than brave the insane crowds downtown. It’s possible that Elizabeth Taylor and hairdresser to the stars Jose Eber, with whom Jackson spent this past Easter. could turn up at the hotel as well.

Meantime, the Jacksons “gathered” at Forest Lawn Cemetery yesterday where, as this column predicted, they had their service for Michael. It’s unclear whether the internment took place Monday night or whether they’re waiting for this morning (Tuesday) to complete this final step in the Jackson family tragedy.

What is certain is that after today is over, the reality of what’s happened will start to dawn on everyone involved. Those immediate realities include who owns the Jackson family home now, as well as Neverland, the Beatles catalog, and Michael’s own music company, MiJac. For years all of those assets have been encumbered by inconceivable debt. Now the debt will have to be retired. There are many surprises ahead, no doubt.

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