Despite crazy reports today in the New York Post, the Jackson family is not reuniting to fulfill brother Michael’s gigs in London.

Jackson’s ticketholders are already getting refunds for the London shows, set to begin a week from tomorrow, July 13th. Further, the sets for the show are still in Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

Even more problematic: the O2 Arena has already started booking the lost dates with new attractions.

Also, it’s fairly unlikely that Janet Jackson will be going out on the road with her brothers doing Jackson 5 tribute shows. She has her own, thriving concert career. She’s never mixed that message with the Jackson 5. Her music is totally different, and so is her approach to performance in general.

What might happen: the Jackson brothers doing a tribute/memorial show to Michael and their career with him. It’s funny, because they could have done that years ago, set up shop in Las Vegas at a hotel, and had at it. But the brothers were always hopeful that Michael would join them. It was never going to happen. But hope sprang eternal.

Meantime, the same newspaper reports managed to mix up the Jackson family home in Encino and Michael’s rented home in Bel Air. There’s nothing left in the latter’it’s all been cleaned out by movers.

At the same time, the British press is having a field day printing scurrilous reports about Jackson’s alleged pedophilia’all from sources and witnesses who were discredited years ago. But the British press, like a few U.S. outlets, pays for info whether it’s true or not. Buyer beware when this stuff boomerangs back across the Atlantic. I guess the proper British readers don’t mind that it all reads like pornography!

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