Pictures ran this week all’over the place from the new music video being shot for’Mariah Carey.

Getty Photo

Getty Photo

Brett Ratner, director of the “Rush Hour” movies, is collaborating with Carey on the first video from her new album. The song is called “Obsessed,” and it’s a witty comeback to Eminem’s recent rap on her on his new album.

The Mariah-Eminem saga has turned into a pretty swell feud, with both sides getting in their cracks.

But now Mark Batson, the producer who shepherds Eminem’s albums to completion, tells me it’s not personal at all.

“He just used her name because it rhymed,” Batson told me at the BET Awards last Sunday. “It doesn’t mean a thing.”

In fact, says Batson, “he” ‘ meaning Eminem ‘ “uses most names in songs because they rhyme.”

Well, it’s a theory, but I’m not sure I totally believe it. “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” the “song” in question on Eminem’s “Relapse,” doesn’t use the word “Mariah” to rhyme with anything, actually. But Eminem does call Mariah the “c word” in the song, and mocks her husband and a former boyfriend.

Now Carey gets him back in the “Obsessed” video. By the looks of it, the video is going to be hilarious. Carey is dressed in a hooded gray sweatshirt, Eminem’s trademark costume. Can’t wait to see the actual footage. Let Carey have the last laugh on this twisted piece of work.

P.S. If you can’t get enough of Em, his sequel comes out in December ‘ “Relapse, Valium Two.” Batson says the lyrics in the new one make the ones from the current CD’ many way too unprintable ‘ seem meek. Merry Xmas!

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