As with many things in the last week, we called it on the burial of Michael Jackson: Latest reports are that the late popster will be interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood, alongside some of the biggest stars.

This column predicted this outcome several days ago.

This morning, we told you before the Jackson will was filed that Diana Ross was named by Jackson as a successor guardian for his children. Later this morning, once the will was filed, TMZ trumpeted the news as if it were new.

But of course, TMZ has been helping themselves to our stories as if Harvey Levin had just come out of the desert and headed for a buffet table.

TMZ isn’t the only one. I’ve particularly loved the stories in the last day or so announcing that a will has “surfaced” or “announced by the Jackson family.”

This column told you first, last week, that the 2002 will existed and that John Branca would be executor. We also told you Katherine Jackson would be named the main guardian of children.

The race to get “scoops” is out of control. TV outlets and blogs like TMZ are simply repurposing original material and pretending it’s theirs. It’s not.

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