Now that there’s a brief lull in the Michael Jackson soap opera, let me make this perfectly clear: Debbie Rowe is the mother of Prince and Paris, Michael’s two eldest children. She gave birth to them. It’s very well documented.

Whether Debbie used donor eggs or her own is irrelevant. Millions of mothers around the world who’ve used donor eggs will tell you that. And I’m fairly certain that since the kids look so much like Debbie, they came from her biology.

Furthermore, Dr. Arnold Klein is not the father. These reports from US Weekly and TMZ are so preposterous they would be laughable if only actual children weren’t involved.

Michael Jackson was the children’s father regardless of his biological participation. He raised them, and loved them, and was totally devoted to them. In the 2005 trial, as I reported then, a slip of the tongue by one of the attorneys indicated that he was not their biological father. I was told by good sources that Rowe was inseminated from a sperm bank. In the long run, it doesn’t matter.

As for Blanket, aka Prince Michael II, I also reported back in 2005 that he was the product of Jackson’s sperm and a hired surrogate. That’s why there is no mother’s name on the birth certificate.

TMZ and US Weekly continue to practice malicious and wreckless reporting. Let them back up their accusations with named sources, or keep it to themselves.

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