How long has Michael Jackson been dead? Two minutes? The woman who worked for him for 14 years, who served as nanny to his kids and protector of his privacy, has already sold him out.

Grace Rwaramba has sold an interview to blood-sucking-celebrity vampire Daphne Barak. The story appears in today’s Times of London.

Rwaramba, who was given a four-star life by Jackson, now reveals he was a drug-addled nut whose stomach she personally pumped. Many times, no less.

Rwaramba has nothing nice to say about Jackson. She does say he was broke all the time, took advantage of everyone, and was a bad father to boot.

Jackson eventually fired Grace, a woman who was universally despised by his family and professional associates. But his reward for giving her a lavish lifestyle is this:’ no good turn goes unpunished.

Interestingly, it was Barak who paid Michael’s parents for a TV interview in 2005 while he was on trial. Now Rwaramba has done the exact same thing.

She tells Barak that Michael fended off an “intervention” that she was part of while he lived in Las Vegas.

But I can tell you that during that time, Jackson’s family tried to see him. It was Rwaramba who wouldn’t let them in.

The nanny’s testimony is a sellout, a cash-in, and pathetic. Whatever value she had is gone. Let’s ignore her, and hope she goes away.

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