A security guard by the name of Alberto who worked at Michael Jackson’s rented Bel Air estate’his last name still unknown”made the famous 911 call to police on Thursday. It was not someone named “Tippy,” as reported by the New York Post.

Further, Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo, was not at the house when Jackson collapsed. DiLeo was at his hotel in Los Angeles, received a call about Jackson, and rushed to the hospital. The Post has that wrong, too.

None of Jackson’s kids were present when he collapsed, I am told. They were in the house but not in the room with Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Murray’s attorney, Matt Alford, tells TMZ that Dr. Murray met Jackson in 2006. That’s unlikely. Jackson was living in Bahrain from January to June 2006, when he then moved to Ireland. He stayed in Ireland through the end of that year.

More likely, insiders say, Murray was introduced to Jackson in the last year by Tohme Tohme, representative of Colony Capital LLC and Jackson’s manager for the last year.

The New York Post also made two more mistakes today: Janet Jackson is not the executor of Michael’s estate. Attorney John Branca is, so far. Janet Jackson has no “papers,” as alluded to in the Post.

But in a two-line story today, the Post also lifted this column’s Neverland-as-Graceland story as filler, without credit.

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