In the chaos surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, there is no limit to the rumors, wild speculations, and self-motivated people who are making pronouncements everywhere’on TV, the Internet, and in print.

Still, my readers know that Showbiz411 sources are rock solid. And these sources are telling me that on the table for consideration is a Janet Jackson/Jackson Brothers tribute tour to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson.

As with everything else concerning Michael and his family, Michael would be horrified to hear this. He’s not even in his grave, but his soul is no doubt spinning. With the exception of’Jermaine, and Janet, Michael had little interest in his family.

Nevertheless, the proposal is either that the Jacksons fulfill some of Michael’s London shows, or do a U.S. tour where they would perform his hits and theirs with him. Janet would be the star of such a show, substituting for Michael since none of the brothers would be remotely capable of being the lead performer.

Stay tuned, as this is among many ideas to honor (exploit?) Michael takes shape.

And the word is that at least some or all of the Jacksons may turn up on tomorrow night’s BET Awards live from Los Angeles, hosted by Jamie Foxx. The appearance could be step one in showing family unity.

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