The doctor who left his BMW at Michael Jackson’s house yesterday and rode with him in the ambulance? His name is Dr. Conrad R. Murray.

Dr. Murray, who has offices in Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, had been hired by Jackson to accompany him to London and be there for the balance of Jackson’s shows at the O2 Arena.

A cardiovascular expert, Dr. Murray, 56, was educated at Meharry Medical College in Nashville and trained at the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

The Los Angeles Police are looking for him, because Dr. Murray saw Jackson every day, insiders say, even though that doesn’t mean he was giving him daily injections (as charged, broadly, by the Jackson family).

“Dr. Murray is not the problem,” says a source who feels yet another doctor may be at the bottom of the tragedy.

Murray was summoned to the Jackson home Thursday when either a security guard or one of Jackson’s children found him unreponsive. Still, there is uncertainty about what exactly happened. But then Murray was summoned, and he was the one who performed CPR.

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