Mriah Carey is finally getting back at Eminem. Her revenge for his ranting and raving about their alleged “affair” is a witty, biting new single called “Obsessed.”’ You can hear it at

Good for Mariah, who’s had to put up with Eminem’s lunatic name calling for the last couple of years. Then, just to get publicity, Eminem took more swipes at her on his new CD in a song called “Bagpipes from Baghdad.”

In the “song” ‘ a term used loosely ‘ the execrable Eminem calls Carey the “c word.” *(This is what your kids are spending millions on, folks. Wise up.)’ He not only attacks the singer but her husband, Nick Cannon, and long ago boyfriend Luis Miguel.

Mariah’s comeback is funnier, catchier, and more likely to be a bigger hit. “Why are you obsessed with me?” she sings to one of the best hooks in her storied history. “You’re delusional/you’re confused/you’re losing your mind,” Mariah continues. “Lyin’ that your sexin’ me.” Ouch!

And the winner is: Universal Music Group. Both performers record for them. And a feud is always good for business! “Obsessed,” by the way, is the first single from Mariah’s new album, due August 25th, to be called “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.”

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