Sunday would have been New York writer, novelist, essayist and short story writer Laurie Colwin‘s 65th birthday. This is unbelievable. Laurie died in 1992 at age 48, unexpectedly, of a heart attack. All of her wonderful books are still in print, including “Happy All the Time,” “Another Marvelous Thing,” “Shine On Bright and Dangerous Object,” and “Family Happiness” — as well as her essays “Home Cooking” and “More Home Cooking.” Laurie’s death was one of those inexplicable tragedies, but her legacy lives on in her work and in her daughter, Rose Jurjevics, a contributing writer to the San Diego Reader. Someone should look into turning Laurie’s stories into films. Actresses from Scarlett Johansson to Jennifer Connelly to Rachel Weisz would be perfect fits for her lead characters. FYI: ‘Happy All the Time’ is one of the funniest novels ever written. Laurie, you remain sorely missed.

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