Mel and Robyn Gibson‘got the judge’s approval in a Los Angeles court on June 5th on their agreement to keep their finances secret as their divorce proceeds.

Mel’s net worth has been ballpark-valued around $1 billion. Most of it is said to be in real estate.

But Robyn should know that $42 million is parked in Mel’s A. P. Reilly Foundation. She should know because she’s listed as one of the foundation’s officers.

According to the foundation’s most recent tax filing, the fair market value of all its assets comes to $42,381, 645.

Mel parked $9.8 million in the foundation in 2007, even though by this time his Holy Family Catholic Church was pretty much completed. In 2007 it had expenses that were less than $500,000.

But Mel’s been squirreling away millions of dollars in A.P. Reilly for years now. Just FYI to Robyn and her divorce lawyers.

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