David Carradine (Getty)

David Carradine (Getty)

Actor David Carradine was not desperate for money, says his manager, Chuck Binder.

Binder’s statement is contrary to a report on Foxnews.com that Carradine lacked cash and had been “going around to people in the business he hadn’t seen in a long time.”

In fact, says Binder, who’s represented Carradine for six years, the actor had three films lined up to do when he returned from shooting his current one in Thailand.

And just from looking at imdb.com, Carradine is one of the few actors who seemed to always be working somewhere.

Binder says Carradine would never go to friends if he needed money anyway. “He’d find an acting gig, or a music one.”

Binder’s associate Tiffany Smith says Carradine recently purchased a new Jaguar and lived in a beautiful home in the San Fernando Valley. “He certainly did not need money,” says Smith.

The assertion in the Fox News piece that Carradine was doing public appearances for money is also absurd, Smith says. “He went to a film festival. But he doesn’t do mall openings or car washes. He had plenty of acting work.”

Binder says a quote he gave about Carradine not doing as well this year as last was taken out of context. “I said, with the strikes and the economy, no actor is doing as well this year as last. It had nothing to do with David specifically.”

Carradine, by the way, not only had 10 acting credits listed for 2009, he also recently produced two films.

It is true, though, that Carradine had had trouble managing his funds in the 1990s before his comeback with Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” movies. Public records show that he was often paying off tax liens during that period. But he never filed for bankruptcy and has no liens or judgments.

The only lawsuit involving Carradine, in fact, was one he brought against People magazine in 1999. He thought they’d trashed him and his wife in a profile. The case went through the courts for several years until it was finally dismissed.

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