carradine david 300x214 David Carradine Dead, Possible Suicide: Flashback to Crazy March Appearance“Kung Fu” and “Bound for Glory” actor David Carradine is dead, possibly a suicide in a Bangkok hotel room.

You never know what’s going in someone’s mind, but if it was career trouble, then Carradine’s death is puzzling. According to, he was working as hard as any actor in Hollywood.

Strangely enough, there may be some precedent for Carradine’s death. In March, he made a very odd public appearance at the Aero Theater in Hollywood for a presentation of “Bound.” Hollywood Elsewhere, Jeffrey Wells’s blog, picked up two Mp3s of audio from the event. You can listen to them here.

There are also reports from the event on Carradine’s page’s message board on indicating that Carradine was drunk or high at the event. He attacked panelist Haskell Wexler, the “Bound” cinematographer, defended cocaine use on sets, and attempted to serenade the audience with Woody Guthrie songs on a guitar.

One observer wrote on Carradine’s message board:

“Carradine couldn’t get through a single verse before forgetting the words. Very embarrassing! It was quite sad really, but for the audience it was a true celebrity trainwreck, it was impossible to take your eyes off the stage as you wondered what in the hell was going to happen next.”

However Carradine died, it’s a tragedy. He was a great actor, a true credit to a dynastic Hollywood family. Just rent Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” parts one and two, to see his legacy. And of course “Bound for Glory.”

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