She only plays a nurse on Showtime’s new series, “Nurse Jackie.” But last night at the show’s premiere party, Edie Falco was just about the first person summoned when a guest fainted.

It wasn’t clear what she was being asked to do, but Falco rushed over.

The guest was the eldlerly mother of a theatrical agent. At first, the word went out in Nicola’s restaurant at the Parker Meridien hotel that someone had had a heart attack.

That didn’t stop the crowd, which had just seen two episodes of the wonderful new Falco series, from chowing down and drinking. It was late, after all.

Ironically, the party room had been totally redecorated to resemble an ER. There were actual hospital beds, medical cabinets stocked with bandages and the like, and heavy plastic curtain dividers.

Someone had even set up a machine for guests to try oxygen at a bar in flavors like lemonade and tangerine.

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