Trumpet player Chris Botti has finally bought a house. For the last few years, the blond horn man has lived only out of suitcases, staying in hotels and crashing on friends’ couches.

No more.

He told me yesterday, right before a New Hampshire gig, that he caved in a few months ago and took advantage of lower interest rates.

His new home is in the Hollywood Hills, of course. And it came completely furnished. “I walked in and I’ll take it, with everything. From the ash trays to the soap dishes.”

Apparently the house had just been “staged” for a magazine photo shoot. The new buyer liked what he saw. “It was done very tastefully.” Friends Sting and Trudie Styler came over to see the place–probably thrilled to get Botti out of their guest room.

“They couldn’t believe how nice it was,” he told me.

Now Botti swings through New York tomorrow for a sold-out show at the Beacon Theater, and then on to more shows, and more shows, and more. He’ll get a chance to live in the house in August, during a rare break from touring.

“It might be nice to have a break,” he joked. Reminds me of the Gang of Four song: “At home he feels like a tourist.”

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