Jennifer Hudson may or may not be pregnant. But listen: she’s not ready to say either way, for her own reasons. And still, friends’so called’are betraying her confidence.

Yesterday the Chicago papers claimed they’d uncovered a baby shower. They talked to a guest, Felicia Fields, who yakked away until her jaw hurt. She told the papers Hudson was seven months along, that she wanted to keep it quiet, and so on.

Other friends of Hudson say the Oscar winner and hit singer is very upset with Fields. Suffice to say, Fields will not be on the list of wedding guests when and if Hudson marries her fianc’e.

More importantly: if Jennifer is seven months pregnant, that means she conceived right after the terrible tragedies in her family at the end of October 2008. If’if, meaning if’this is the case, she has her own reasons for keeping the whole thing private until she’s ready.

Whatever’s happening’everyone wishes Jennifer Hudson the best at this point. She deserves peace and privacy. Not every human event in a celebrity’s life is ready for primetime exposure.

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