eminem 267x300 Eminem: How Soon Before More Lawsuits?Rapper Eminem has triumphantly returned to the charts–he’s No. 1 this week with over 600,000 copies of “Relapse.”

But how long before a new defamation lawsuit is filed by a family member? Back in 1999, Debbie Mathers Briggs — Marshall Mathers’ infamous mother — filed an $11 million suit against her son. She came away with just a $25,000 judgment and netted $1,600 after paying her lawyer.

Now, on a new track on “Relapse” called “Insane,” Eminem recalls in graphic detail rape and sexual abuse at the hands of a man he refers to as his stepfather. It’s unclear which of’ Mathers-Briggs’ three ex-husbands (after Eminem’s actual father), or even a boyfriend — Eminem is referring to.

Whichever one it is, the “Insane” lyrics are certainly a potential place for a legal battleground. If the story is true, and so far Eminem’s childhood stories have unfortunately proven that way, “Insane” is the most frightening and awful “song” ever to appear on a popular CD.

And just to show you how bizarre the digital world is, it’s being advertised as a ringtone.

More on the Eminem front: I was the first to confirm back on February 9th that “Relapse” would have a Part 2. The sequel is ready to go this summer or fall when “Relapse” starts to fade.

“Relapse, Part 1″ — with obnoxious call-outs to Mariah Carey, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Ellen Degeneres among others — is the biggest hit so far of 2009.

Speaking of those call-outs– if Eminem thinks he’s hurting these people, guess again. He’s reconfirming their pop culture status. But that’s another story.

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