bellucci 224x300 MONICA BELLUCCIS SORCERERS NIGHTMAREItalian beauty Monica Bellucci — who stole our heart years ago in “Malena” — is not having a good week.

Bellucci’s Paris apartment, which she shares with actor husband Vincent Cassel — was burglarized while she was in Cannes last week promoting a new film.

The burglars got more than $100,000 in jewelry and other goods, police told the wire services.

But more importantly, Bellucci’s Italian passport was taken.

That wasn’t good news in New York, where Nicolas Cage is waiting for Bellucci on the set of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” She’s the female lead.

But sources — or sorcerers — say the passport theft has thrown a temporary wrench into the Jon Turteltaub/Jerry Bruckheimer-Disney production. “Sorcerer” has been set up for shooting all over New York — right in the middle of the new idiotic traffic patterns.

I’m told that Turteltaub has done as much as he can without Bellucci, who should by now have batted her beautiful brown eyes in the direction of embassy officials and gotten a new set of papers to let her into our country. Note to all of them: we want her in New York, no questions asked!

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