Is Sharon Stone getting ready to leave AmFar and her AIDS fundraising for new ventures?

Last night, Stone hosted the annual Cannes AmFar dinner for the 14th year. She took over the charity’s celebrity fundraising’several years ago from Elizabeth Taylor.

But now Stone is telling pals she’s seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with a possible AIDS vaccine. At the same time, she’s concentrating her humanitarian efforts now on bringing clean drinking water to Africa.

AmFar would’not be the same without Stone, whose high powered auctions and her endless energy have brought the group millions. They’d be hard–pressed to’find a replacement, that’s for sure.

But some AmFar insiders have grumbled in recent years that Stone’s wild “performances” at auctions and dinners have alienated some — they think she’s too aggressive. But the proof is in the pudding. On Thursday night, Stone cooled her regular bit and held back, letting professional auctioneer Jamie Niven handle the night. The result was a 50% drop in revenue from last year.

Perhaps if Stone had done her usual thing, and also had some interaction with Bill Clinton on stage, AmFar would have more money in the till this morning. You never know!


Rihanna didn’t go to the Cannes Film Festival, but her earrings did.

The large dangling’ earrings that Rihanna borrowed from H. Stern have been in the police impound since February 8th–the night she was allegedly attacked by boyfriend Chris Brown.

But this week in Cannes, the earrings made their return’to the red carpet. A top Hollywood agent borrowed them herself from H. Stern as soon as the LAPD gave them back.

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