Michael Jackson’s London concerts are going forward as planned, despite legal threats from miscellaneous types who’d like to cash in on the action.

The latest threat, reported on tmz.com, is “bogus” according to insiders and has no legal standing.

Concert promoters who never came up with the money and never had real agreements are suing Jacko and former (like in the 80s) manager Frank DiLeo claiming that they’d agreed to be part of some kind of Jackson family tour with the Jackson 5 and Janet Jackson.

Good luck: DiLeo does not represent Jackson and never signed anything, say insiders. Jackson never signed anything either.

Somewhere at the bottom of this latest minor intrigue is promoter Leonard Rowe and Michael’s dad, Joseph Jackson. I reported a few months ago that these two were trying to worm their way into Jacko’s world. It’s not happening.

Meanwhile, as I reported exclusively last week, the Jackson shows will be delayed from July 8th to July 13th or 14th for their start. Director Kenny Ortega should announce tomorrow that he needed a’ little more time for rehearsals and sets. Ortega is putting together a hot show, I am told, featuring Cirque du Soleil dancers and performers.

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