The box office numbers are in for Friday night. “Star Trek” according to showbizdata.com took in over $26 million on Friday night, beinging its grand total from Thursday night showings to a smidge over $30 million. It finished at number 1.

“Star Trek” easily trounced “Wolverine: X Men Origins.” The second Friday for that film was $8.2 million. Last Friday the Hugh Jackman sci-fi thriller took in over $34′ million. Its box office has declined every day since then.

“Star Trek” didn’t break any records, but considering the new film revived an old franchise it’s pretty impressive. If the numbers hold up, expect a $75-$90 million weekend. And that’s also pretty good considering it has no stars in it–just knowns and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. “Wolverine” has Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Stewart, and the advantage of three recent films with the character in it.

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