J.J. Abrams’s reboot of “Star Trek” is set to devour Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine” this weekend.

Last night, “Star Trek” took in $7 million at advance screenings–$2 mil more than “Wolverine” did during its advance screenings last week.

Meanwhile, “Wolverine” has declined in its box office take every day since its $34 million opening last Friday. The numbers have gone down every day this week, suggesting that the fervor for metal claws has dulled.

Maybe it’s just a case of brains over brawn.

One thing “Star Trek” has over “Wolverine”: you want to see it again almost as soon it’s over. Fans are going to return at least once to find “easter eggs” that are hidden in the film.

“”Wolverine” has few of those easter eggs. Its ending has already been reported, and Aint-it Cool-News website let loose earlier this week that Patrick Stewart, of “X Men” fame, makes an uncredited appearance.

So it’s off to the races, with “Star Trek” looking to do what damage it can before next Friday, and the release of Tom Hanks in “Angels and Demons.”

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