You have to hand it to Elizabeth Edwards. The put upon, physically ill wife of ex Senator John Edwards has decided to turn her lemons into lemonade.

Elizabeth officially publishes her second book, ‘Resilience,’ today. And resilient she is. By using her husband’s affair and his possibly illegitimate child as a hook, she’s driven sales of what is a pretty otherwise dull book through the roof.

Today, ‘Resilience’ stands at number 11 on amazon’s best seller list. That’s 11 of all books, hard and soft cover. You go, girl!

Edwards’ pr campaign is sort of brilliant: use the husband’s ex mistress and the whole scandal to her own benefit. There’s hardly a person alive in this country who doesn’t know that Elizabeth wouldn’t allow Oprah to say the mistress’s name on her show.

For the record: it’s Rielle Hunter.

There’s also hardly a person alive who doesn’t know that Edwards purposely waffled about whether Hunter’s baby daughter was fathered by the ex-Senator. Elizabeth, a brilliant woman with a law degree, can’t see a resemblance between this baby and pictures of her own. But, hey, maybe, who knows? It’s too bad she’s not selling subprime mortgages.

The National Enquirer has a cover story on Hunter this week. But my guess is it wasn’t planted or supported by Hunter. A source close to her adamantly denies that Hunter has ever spoken to the Enquirer. Right now, you wonder: what good would it do her? The only person who makes out from an Enquirer story is: Elizabeth Edwards. She’s got a book to sell. Hunter has remained silent.

And, for the record, she doesn’t need a paternity test for baby Frances. As Hunter has said: she knows who the father is.

Meantime, Hunter’s sister, to whom she hasn’t spoken in years, has been doing the syndicated rag show circuit. She also may be the source for quotes in the Enquirer.

And lest we all think that the Enquirer has a new picture of Hunter and baby Frances on its cover, guess again: that’s the same photo they’ve used for months and months. Frances is now over a year old. That picture is of a baby. The most recent photo of mother and child was published by this reporter at his old column back in March.

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