oOr is it blob? Harry Knowles, the editor of movie blog Aint-It-Cool-News, has deliberately revealed a big surprise in “Wolverine: X Men Origins.”

Knowles finally saw “Wolverine” yesterday, plopping down the whole price of a ticket to see the 20th Century Fox film. Only hours before that he complained bitterly on his website that he wouldn’t see “Wolverine” because Fox hadn’t shown it to him. He actually instructed his readers to skip the movie because the studio ignored him.

I’d say Knowles should be fired but he can’t be: he’s his own boss, a big fish in a very small pond. I guess the deal with AICN is, if Knowles isn’t shown a movie before it opens, it’s not worth seeing. If he has to pay for it, he’s not going to like it. And to get the studio pr people back, he’s going to give away spoilers.

In his review, so to speak, he complains about the make up and effects on a character not listed in the credits. I won’t spoil it by telling you who it is. But Harry does, name and all.

Knowles is a coarse individual who has routinely blackmailed the studios over reviewing their films early, giving away spoilers, and mocking just about everything in the business. He does this all from far away so no one can touch him.

Yesterday, he reviewed a review of “Wolverine” by the Los Angeles Times’s esteemed Ken Turan. He responded to Turan with these words: “F— you, Kenneth.” Nice, huh? Pauline Kael and Vincent Canby must be rolling in their graves. He marshalls all his “power” at AICN to destroy “Wolverine,” going so far as to report overheard comments from other filmgoers on the way out of the theater.

Fox must have really done something to Knowles to piss him off. And this is the state of movie reviewing now: if you’re mad at the publicist–the way The New York Post was at Woody Allen’s recently–then do what you can to kill the movie. Hopefully, this is just bottom of the barrel stuff.

Of course, Knowles is not really a reviewer. He’s a geek in a basement with a computer. He has no journalistic credentials. His former pretege is a guy named McWeeny. Really. For real.

So far, Knowles’s admonishments have had no impact. That may be because alexa.com ranks his website at number 5,679. “Wolverine” took in $35 million last night. It should make between $75 and $90 million by Sunday night. That’s pretty cool, ain’t it?

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