Mel Gibson‘s girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, was reported last week to be a singer or a composer. All the reports, repeated endlessly, were that she was signed to Gibson’s Icon Records.

Well, there is no Icon Records. At least, not for Mel Gibson. There are companies called Icon Records, but they have nothing to do with the Oscar winner who made infamously anti-Semitic remarks during his 2006 arrest.

Indeed, Icon Productions, Mel’s film and TV company, is not in the record or music business at all. Check out their websites. If they’re in that business, they’re keeping it a very deep secret.

In fact, the soundtrack to Gibson’s “Apocalypto” was issued by Disney’s Hollywood Records. And the CD score for “The Passion of the Christ” was on Sony Music. You’d think if Mel had a record company of his own, he’d put out his own soundtracks.

There is an Icon Records, It’s a Canadian company, distributed through Unviersal Music and founded by someone named Rui da Silva. They have about a dozen artists according to their website at But no Oksana. And no Mel Gibson.

So the question is, who is Oksana, and how did this story start about her being a recording artist? She has exactly one credit on the imdb: She’s listed as the composer of an unknown 2002 short film called ‘Flower Boy.’ There is no other information available about the project.

Oksana seems to be known mostly as the mother of a child fathered by ex-James Bond, Timothy Dalton. If it weren’t for the latest scandal with Grigorieva, Dalton’s name would have remained in obscurity. He’s appeared in almost nothing of consequence since his last Bond movie in 1989, “License to Kill.” Aside from his two Bond movies (the other was 1987’s “Living Daylights”) Dalton’s other biggest credit is having been Vanessa Redgrave’s boyfriend for about 14 years.

Grigorieva has had her share of press at home in Russia. Pravda’which used to be the propaganda sheet for the Soviet Union but now covers celebrities, of course– has written about her extensively. In a 2003 story that is awkwardly translated on Pravda’s website, the newspaper titled Oksana’s saga: ‘A story of a Russian girl who did an impossible thing: married a principal James Bond Timothy Dalton and gave him a baby.’ (It’s unclear whether Dalton and Grigorieva were ever legally married. But they do note he was two years older than Oksana’s mother. Gibson, a decade younger than Dalton, is at least closer to Oksana’s 38 years old.)

The epic ends with Oksana in a ‘civil marriage with a contract’ with Dalton, and her sister on her way to Hollywood ‘to find her own James Bond.’

Gibson, meantime, is loaded. One place both his divorcing wife Robyn and his mistress Oksana might look for Gibson’s hidden stash’People magazine has already noted that Gibson’s keeping Oksana in a house next to his’is his tax free charitable foundation, A P Reilly. This is the foundation Gibson’s used to fund his personal church, Holy Family, in Malibu on Mulholland Highway. According to its filing from 2008, A P Reilly now has $43 million in assets. That’s a lot for a church that serves about 70 people.

Luckily for Robyn, even in 2007’when Mel says they were officially separated’she was listed as Vice President of A P Reilly.


What’s going on tonight? Just the Broadway opening of the musical ‘9 to 5,’ for which Dolly Parton wrote all the songs. Expect Lily Tomlin, who was in the movie, to be on the scene with Dolly. Jane Fonda, of course, is busy starring in ’33 Variations’ herself on Broadway in what should be a Tony nominated performance’Downtown, at the Tribeca Film Festival, Sam Rockwell premieres in ‘Moon,’ directed by David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones (formerly Zowie Bowie) and written by director Alan Parker’s son. Trudie Styler is one of the producers, so this is a hot hot hot opening for Tribeca’And Magnolia Pictures is hosting a screening and very private after party for Tilda Swinton in her new movie, called ‘Julia”not the classic ‘Julia’ that starred Jane Fonda in 1977, but a new one that could have used a different title. Vanessa Redgrave will not be passing microfilm to Tilda in a hat during this ‘Julia”See how all these items tied together?…
‘Tomorrow, a little decadence: a whole afternoon of shopping and drinking courtesy of Sonya Rolin and Irene Zelinsky’s Traveling Atelier. Vanessa Noel Boutique is hosting the soiree at 158 East 64th St. with special guest designer Rubin Singer. Call 212-967-6900 for more info’

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