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No one really has ever known who Miltun Gatsby is. His last name is made up, taken from “The Great Gatsby” and his pal Leonardo DiCaprio.

But now I’m told the elusive Mr. “Gatsby,” a Serbian national, has been ousted from his role as Global Finance Chairman of the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation. His name has been removed from the LDF website even though a few months ago he was wildly touted in their PR.

The LDF has been mired in controversy about Malaysian government money that went missing from a fund that may have been used to pay for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” No one really knows what the truth is about LDF since it files a pro forma Form 990 and hides its ledgers under an umbrella organization in California.

Gatsby, however, remains a key figure in the very sketchy business at amFAR, which will hold its New York event on Wednesday night. amFAR is also mired in controversy thanks to a deal with Harvey Weinstein that has been outlined in several publications. (An email to amFAR’s PR chief, who is married to their outside events consultant, was not returned.)

On top of that, my reading of the most recent tax filing for amFAR is that CEO Kevin Frost is now getting around $650,000 a year in salary. That’s funny because amFAR doesn’t give away that much more money than Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, yet the EJAF CEO gets around half that amount of money. And EJAF’s total salaries are a fraction of amFAR.

So if you’re at the amFAR event keep an eye out for Milutin whateverhisnameis.  His discharge from LDF wasn’t pleasant, I’m told.

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