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News: Scientologist Actor Danny Masterson Fired from Netflix Show, Disney Negotiating to Buy Fox Movies & TV

Lots going on this morning…

Danny Masterson, a lifetime Scientologist from a family of Scientologists, is best known for being on “That 70s Show.” Now he’s on Netflix’s “The Ranch” with “70s” pal Ashton Kutcher. But this morning, Masterson is fired from “The Ranch” and being written out as rape accusations pile up around him.

This is especially disturbing since Masterson is married to Bijou Phillips, the troubled youngest daughter of late Mamas and Papas founder John Phillips, and is plugged into LA’s tech world.

But Masterson has been accused of sexual assault by four different women. At the same time, the “Churh” of Scientology has gone to great lengths to protect him from prosecution, according to reports.

The breaking point with Netflix came apparently when one of Masterson’s accusers approached a Netflix exec after hours at a kids’ soccer game. She didn’t say she was an accuser, but asked the exec about Masterson. Andy Yeatman told the woman he didn’t believe the accusations. The story went viral quickly.

No one really watches “The Ranch” or knows what it is, so replacing Masterson isn’t a big deal. But Netflix finally taking action against him is, and the Scientology component doesn’t help since there have been many reports of violence against women in that cult….


Seems from reports that Rupert Murdoch is finally getting of the movie and TV business. CNBC is reporting that negotiations are moving forward for Disney to buy Fox, or at least the entertainment part. When it’s done, the Murdochs will just be left with Fox News, Business and Sports. All the rest of it– your local Fox 5 channel, plus the “X Men” and even the current Oscar front runner, “The Post,” will be part of the Mouse House. Unclear how this affects the Fox lot in Century City, a very prime piece of real estate, since Disney has its own lot in Burbank…For Marvel, this will mean the repatriating of “X Men” to the fold. Fox also has its animation studio. Yesterday, the studio announced it was shutting down Fox International. Fox’s Stacey Snider could be out of a job, but she could also be heading to Disney for a bigger one…