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Looks like it’s happening– The Big Bang Theory is getting a retro flashback spin off series about Sheldon as lad in East Texas.

The call goes out this morning for an 8 to 11 year old to play young Sheldon Cooper, aka Jim Parsons. “Socially awkward. A once in a generation genius. He lives in East Texas, although he has chosen to have no accent. “Short tempered,
outspoken. Confident in his intelligence to the point of arrogance. He doesn’t make friends easily or at all. He struggles to read social cues and adhere to social protocols.”

Hmmm….Well, turns out Jim Parsons is getting an Executive Producer credit from Chuck Lorre and CBS. This means if the show goes– and a pilot will be shot for next fall– Parsons will become a rich, rich man, richer than he is now thanks to Sheldon.

Presumably “The Sheldon Project”– written by Steve Molaro– will be about something else besides a small boy. Like say, his unusual parents, friends, and relatives. Young Sheldon won’t have Penny and Leonard and his adult pals, so to make it work they’ve got come up with a new community. That’s not so easy. This would be like if producers tried to create Rose’s Norwegian family from “Golden Girls.” Sometimes these things are best left to the imagination.

Stay tuned….

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