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Leah Remini went on ABC ’20/20′ last night, demolished Scientology, and sent her unpublished book to number 6 on amazon.com.

UPDATE: Sunday morning it’s up not number 5.

“Troublemaker” hits stores and amazon on Tuesday. But last night’s show was boffo as they used to say in the trades. Remini just leveled her former cult and revealed Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley as total nut jobs. ABC helped, that’s for sure. Cruise never looked crazier than in those clips of his couch jumping and attacking Matt Lauer.

(On “Access Hollywood” yesterday Billy Bush showed a clip of Cruise going after him with real crazy eyes. Wow. I don’t know if I ever saw that before. As it stands, Cruise won’t be doing business with NBC, Warner Bros., ABC, Disney, HBO. He’s down to Paramount, Showtime, Netflix and PBS.)

“Troublemaker” is also up to number 22 on Kindle. I ordered one myself.

What we’re getting from Remini, who was in the cult since she was 8, the real story of Sea Org, of Miscavige, of Shelley Miscavige gone missing, of punishments and retribution. We’re also hearing about the Cruise-Holmes wedding and marriage, how Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony figured into all of this, and hearing Kirstie Alley’s voice dripping with bile in messages.

A lot of celebrities have left Scientology. But none who were there since childhood and know the whole story. Scientology can issue all the rotten declarations they want against her and no one will believe them. She comes off as truthful and genuine. People already like her. And she looks great.

Stay tuned…

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