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Crazy Elisabeth Hasselbeck is really bitter about being fired from “The View.” Even though she’s on “Fox and Freaks,” she can’t keep her mouth shut. She hates the fact that Rosie O’Donnell is returning to “The View.” It’s not just that Elisabeth is a conservative. She’s stupid. Smart conservatives are probably very welcome to “The View.” And poor EH– she thinks Rosie is going to be fighting with Whoopi Goldberg. Oh Lissie. What a sad story. Yeesh.

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  1. Roger, EH is a beautiful and smart conservative woman. Rosie is a vile, disgusting loud-mouthed filfy pig who is constantly spewing looney lefty nonsensical tripe from that perpetually flapping blowhole. She’s has to be the nastiest female on the face of the planet. But you Roger…like her and hate EH. Simply ridiculous

  2. Lets face it this is the most exciting thing Hasselback has done since she left the veiw,she knows whats she is doings Ratings!,but too bad Rosie is the Best!

  3. “It’s not that she’s conservative”? Really? Coming from someone who has never hid his own left-wing views and apparently thinks Rosie and Whoopie ARE intelligent? How about Pelosi, Boxer, Patty Murray et.al. Intelligent enough for the View?

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