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Exclusive: Bob Dylan Got $5 Million for that Chrysler Commercial

Stand back, kids. Bob Dylan, I am told, got in the neighborhood for that Chrysler commercial that ran during the Super Bowl. That’s separate for the money that was charged to Chobani yogurt for use of his classic song “I Want You” in another commercial that aired earlier during the game.

Dylan’s pay day on Sunday was pretty good, no matter how you slice it.

That $5 million was split by him and his music publisher. I’m told it was put together by Sony/ATV Music’s Marty Bandier. But the tight lipped CEO of the company co-owned by Sony and Michael Jackson’s estate, refused to comment when I asked him about it.

Bandier is having a banner week. The money coming in from The Beatles this week should be impressive as well. CBS has their Sunday night special. Radio stations are playing the Beatles catalog. David Letterman is having a Beatles week. And that box set of US releases in selling very well.

Plus, he’s got Carole King’s “Beautiful” musical on Broadway.

But the Dylan commercials shocked everyone on Sunday. Dylan’s music has been in Super Bowl commercials before. But this business of appearing in one, and hosting it, was something new. He narrated and acted in the Chrysler commercial, and they used his song “Things Have Changed.”

They sure have. Now I guess you could say he’s Tangled Up in Dough.

PS The Chobani commercial was narrated by none other than Mandy Patinkin. It may the most expensive Yogurt commercial ever!