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Get ready to say good bye tonight to “American Idol” as we’ve known it. Everyone–with maybe the exception of Ryan Seacrest– is leaving. Randy Jackson already quit. Nicki Minaj has sent out word that she’s gone. Mariah Carey goes with Randy, she’s not sticking around. Maybe Keith Urban will stay but I doubt it. He has a new album and a tour.

Tonight both Keith and Mariah perform in pre-taped segments. Mariah will sing a medley of her hits, and then she’s goners. Keith sings his catchy new summer single. Some other stuff will happen and a new “American Idol” will be chosen. The ratings will be disappointing.

Whatever happens in the future, whoever comes in as judges, they should take note of what’s happened this year on “Idol.” The show has been severely compromised. The source of some it was the cooked up war between Mariah and Minaj that began last year. The producers wanted Simon-Paula drama. But they weren’t as skilled at manufacturing it as Simon Cowell. It backfired when Carey just wouldn’t play along. And then it just got weirder and weirder. How about the show when Nicki was 20 minutes late in L.A. traffic? Yikes.

Randy Jackson will play bass with Carey tonight. He leaves “Idol” with head help up high. After 12 seasons he was always the unifying judge, the glue that held it all together. He’s got plenty of projects in the hopper. Replace him with Justin Bieber? Okay, go ahead and try it. Let me know how that works out.


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