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Katherine Kelly Lang has been playing Brooke Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” since 1921. But her real life divorce from husband #2 is worthy of any soap. Alex D’Andrea, father of Lang’s teenage daughter, was convicted in August of impersonating a police officer in order to intimidate people at an Ojai, California tennis club.

D’Andrea is also partnered with Stephen Baldwin, the born again Christian and reformed hard-partyer in the Baldwin family, in a movie production company. Last August he was convicted by a jury in Ventura County of flashing a police badge and telling an employee of the Weil Tennis Academy that he was a cop. This was after D’Andrea’s daughter had been thrown out of the camp, according to reports. D’Andrea demanded back his $50,000. (Wow.) Ultimately he got back $28,000.

According to the Ventura County newspaper http://www.officer.com/news/10760418/calif-producer-guilty-of-impersonating-officer this was the second time a jury heard this case. The first time, the jury deadlocked 10-2 in favor of guilty. D’Andrea has made all kinds of accusations against the tennis camp, but the judge wasn’t interested in hearing them. D’Andrea was sentenced to 90 days in jail and was ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and to stay away from the camp owner.
added link: http://www.vcstar.com/news/local-news/crime/jury-finds-producer-guilty-of-impersonating

It’s not a good time at “B&B,” a half hour soap in which most of the characters have slept with each other and also features alarming plastic surgery on its older actors. Veteran soap star of the show Susan Flannery (no plastic surgery, a sign of good acting in Hollywood) is retiring, and her character is being killed off this month. Ron Moss, the worst actor on all of TV and in any medium, recently left after 25 years over a money dispute. His other claim to fame is being part of the one hit group, Player, who sang “Baby Come Back” in 1977.

Unknown yet is whether or not “B&B” will write this storyline into the show. They should! Everyone loves ‘ripped from the headlines.”

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  1. After watching almost every episode of B&B, I can attest that Ronn Moss, while not the greatest thespian, and usually handed poorly written dialogue, had some good days and is not the worst actor on daytime…That would be Drake Hogestyn and Joseph Mascolo and all the other men on Days of Our Lives…absolute dreck…

  2. It may at times seem like Ms. Lang has been on “The Brave and the Bold” since 1921, but I believe that neither she nor the show (not to mention television itself) existed at that time. She joined the cast in 1987.

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