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Rielle Hunter’s Book Dies on Amazon, Affair with John Edwards is Over

It’s a bad day for professional homewrecker and babymama Rielle Hunter. Her appearances on ABC have had the opposite effect on sales of her book, “What Really Happened.” No one cares. The book has fallen to number 223 on amazon.com. Usually after media promotions, books go up on amazon. Hunter’s book is so icky that it’s gone down.

Her appearance this morning on “Good Morning America” with George Stephanopolous was a disaster, too. She admitted that her relationship with Edwards ended last week. She has no plans for the future. Well, prior to meeting and bedding Edwards, she had no career. So she’s back to square one, except she’s got a baby and presumably some kind of financial arrangement with Edwards. It’s too bad “24” is off the air. But maybe Hunter could have some luck back in Hollywood on “Homeland.”

Now that the book is a dud, her options will be reduced to reality TV: “Celebrity Apprentice,” “Dancing with the Stars,” or, of course, “Wife Swap.” If she’s lucky, Jay McInerney will write a bad novel about her. Anyway, I do think the Rielle Hunter story is over. John Edwards may think that distancing himself from her will somehow help him, but he is over, too. The great tragedy is that Elizabeth Edwards’ children have no mother, and that she was tortured before her painful death. One day Cate Edwards will write a book, and that’s the one everyone will read for the real story of what went on here.