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There’s not much fact in Jermaine Jackson‘s newest attempt to cash in on his late brother Michael. His book, “You Are Not Alone,” reads like a compendium of fictions and half-truths to anyone who’s reported anything about Michael Jackson over the last 20 years. It’s so far from reality that Jermaine defends his father while citing his abuse; still argues that Michael’s kids are his biologically; and basically excises the people closest to Michael like his personal assistant Evvy Tavasci and surrogate family, the Cascios.

This is largely because Michael didn’t have much to do with Jermaine after his 1991 recording, called “Word to the Badd.” Jermaine was jettisoned from Michael’s life. And yet, the older brother would continue to try and get back into Michael’s inner circle, playing on his vulnerabilities.

“You Are Not Alone” contains at least one anti-Semitic reference and is full of inaccuracies. It’s hard to believe, really, that a reputable publisher (Simon & Schuster) did no fact checking on “You Are Not Alone.” The anti-Semitic part is not a surprise. Jermaine is happy to go into details of his life as a Muslim, his following of Louis Farrakhan, and his introduction of the Nation of Islam into Michael’s life. Ironically, it’s NOI bodyguards who don’t let Jermaine in to see Michael in Las Vegas.

It’s Jermaine’s description of Joseph Jackson’s original business partner, Richard Aarons, that says it all. Jermaine writes of Aarons: “A short Jewish lawyer who always wore suits arrived on the scene.” There’s only other passing mention of the “short Jewish lawyer” in Jermaine’s book. But it was Aarons who partnered with Joseph Jackson, brought the Jackson 5 to Motown, and made the deals. For a long time, their company was called Jackson-Aarons. It was Aarons to whom many of the Jackson kids turned when their father was abusing them.

Jermaine does give credit, however, to their tutor, Rose Fine, also Jewish, also pointed out in case we didn’t get it.

None of this is terribly shocking. It was Michael who wrote and sang in “They Don’t Care About Us”: “Jew me. sue me…kick me, kike me…”

Otherwise., “You Are Not Alone” is quite a fanciful read. Jermaine basically absolves his father of all wrong doing, and says Michael misunderstood his “abuse.” It was just Joseph trying to keep the kids away from gangs. So he beat them. Jermaine dismisses all press reports of Joseph’s violence. But I can tell you that between Joseph’s own admissions and those of past employees–even Katherine Jackson on “Oprah”– none of what Jermaine says is true. This is sad.

Jermaine is wrong about so many things–about Michael’s manager Frank Dileo, and about how the “This Is It” concerts were originally conceived. He says that Michael’s manager in 2008, the non doctor Tohme Tohme, came up with the idea. In fact, it was Randy Phillips of AEG Live, in 2007, who first told me he’d approached Michael to play a series of dates at London’s O2 Arena. And it was not AEG that brought in Dileo and John Branca during the 2009 rehearsals. Michael happily brought Frank Dileo back, and Dileo brought back Branca. If anyone was unhappy, it was Jermaine–he was cut out again.

What Jermaine does reveal: that he and his wife Halima (there’s no mention of Jermaine’s second wife, Alejandra, mother of two of his children, and mother of two children with brother Randy–that whole episode of spousal sharing is absent) found Tohme and introduced him to Michael in 2008. In an interview I did with Tohme in 2009, the faux doctor made it seem like he’d been friends with Michael and the Jacksons for years. In fact Jermaine says he and Halima heard about him from mutual friends in Gabon, Africa in 2008. Later Jermaine is shocked when Tohme turns against him and tries to auction off all the possessions from Neverland without authority.

But you can only feel sorry for Jermaine Jackson. He rationalizes his father’s abuse while detailing beatings and violence, including the use of “switches.” He confirms that “over time, Randy and Janet got to know what the belt felt like, mainly for disobedience.” Jermaine admits “There is no denying that Michael was terrified of our father.” But in the same breath, Jermaine writes: “If he [Joseph] had truly abused us, we wouldn’t still be speaking to him…” I would counter that Michael was not speaking to his father at the time of his death, and would be mortified to see how Joseph Jackson has since behaved.

That Jermaine lives in denial is most evident when he writes about his own relationship with Michael.. Jermaine wrote and recorded a song called “Word to the Badd” in the 90s as a rebuke to Michael’s scandal-ridden life style. Now he blames LA Reid and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds for allowing out a “leaked” version that Jermaine never intended. The result was a sit down with Michael and their parents. Of course, in Jermaine’s version, Michael forgives him and the brothers become closer. And so “You Are Not Alone” becomes a fantasy.

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  1. I was a true fan of the Jackson five, although Jermaine’s book is what he clearly remembers as the “glory days of the j-5 .,i feel that he has memories of them as brothers taht only he can tell.He may have had a different perception of things. I do not believe that Mr. Jckson “abused them ,I think he did what a majority of parents did in that “era”. I also believe that if there were more black fathers like Mr. Jackson so many of our sons would not be in prisons and jails today. I resent the fact that “everyone wants to claim that they know much more than the older siblings that were there and lived it..and that noone wants to give Mr. Jackson “any credit ” I feel that if Michael had not cut his family out of his lives he would be alive today.There were too many extra people that was “not family involved in Michael’s life and that is where he made a mistake….Jermaine left out the fact about him sleeping and marrying his brother’s wife, because he is not proud of that fact and “everyone knows it ” they can read her book …she tells her version obf being in the Jackson family…

  2. Interesting review, thank you. Obviously, child abuse should never be excused or condoned. Interestingly, Michael himself said in his speech on forgiveness that he had made peace with events of the past and his father. To forgive, obviously doesn’t mean to excuse- but Michael had built a tentative peace with his father. They were indeed in touch up to Michael’s passing, as evident from a business meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel (I believe in May 2009) which Joe Jackson attended.
    Family- ah what a strange animal art thou? How many of us love our family- and still can’t stand to be around them? I think it was the same with Michael. The question goes to motive: Is Jermaine cashing in on his brother with this book, or is he trying to counteract the many tabloid stories that have always surrounded Michael? Hm…
    Jermaine writes about the walls his brother used to build- and I believe that Jermaine was on the outside of this wall, so much of what he says is questionable. However- we know family members talk- so at the very least he probably has some passed on truths from his siblings and mother.
    So, we have a Janet book and now Jermaine’s. Any bets who will be next?
    Having said that- if we look at all the other authors who have come out of the wood work since June 25, 2009, I do prefer a family account to many others.

  3. Congratulation Roger! You’re one of the few people who actually speaks the truth (even though you should be much more harsher) on the Jacksons, mainly on “Father of The Year” Joe. Still, as if afraid of these true freaks (Michael being the only one with human traces), you are too smooth.

    “Michael was not speaking to Joe at the time of his death”- let me correct this: Michael hadn’t spoke to Joe in years and years and wanted NOTHING to do with him to the point he hired extra bodyguards to prevent the Father of The Year of entering his house. The only time he spoke to the loving parent was when said parent was HARASSING, BLACKMAILING, HOUNDING and PERSECUTING him to get money from the TII shows. Joe’s evil ways are so legendary that he even made a plan that consisted in having Katherine and holy Leonard Rowe living in Michael’s house so he could have his son under his thumb and, therefore, get the money rolling into his pockets.

    Everyday these tribe comes up with new get-money-quick-off-of-anyone-available-in-the-evilest-way-possible schemes and, yet, I see none of that reported in here. Not even the most proeminent ones like enslaving Michael’s children (Howard Mann contract) or inventing he was a “frail, weak, blah blah blah junkie so they can make money off of AEG!

    Then again: you do report some of what these insane people do but you seem rather afraid of them which puzzles me. I’m yet to see you writing things are they TRULY are (that is, without pinky writing).

  4. Jermaine Jackson gives a whole new meaning to the expression you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family…and it’s a shame that Piers Morgan woosed out in his CNN interviews and let Jermaine make up stuff on the spot and didn’t press him like a real journalist would have for actual answers to questions…but then, Jermain couldn’t have actually answered 1/2 of the questions because he doesn’t know…he wasn’t there…he wasn’t in Michael’s life.
    ‘Think about this he beds his baby brothers woman and has kids by her…bow wow…what’s that like father like son?
    Good job Roger, good job

  5. Jermaine is a sad man. He’s done nothing with himself of note either personally or professionally and this book is his attempt to make himself relevant. When all he really is is a deadbeat dad, who slept with his brother’s wife and got her pregnant and who wears so much grease in his hair it looks like it’s been sprayed on. His leathery skin aside, Jermaine Jackson is the personification of “hot mess.”

    This book is garbage. If you must pick it up, use it as a doorstop instead.

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